Hello, I’m Charlie. I am a games researcher specialising in esports and skill acquisition in games. In short, I love games and am fascinated with players who are good at them. I believe that esports is an example of a changing world, one that seeks to blend entertainment, media and activities all together in the digital space. By understanding how one interacts with digital technologies, to the point of expertise, we may get an idea into what entertainment & media will look like in the future. 

This site is a place where I can talk candidly about topics that I find interesting about my field as well as chronicling my ongoing PhD. Basically somewhere where people can not only know who I am, but also get an insight into my perspectives and viewpoints. As I am currently undertaking a PhD, most of my posts will be monthly updates about how the project is going, focusing on my personal development and progress. However, I will endeavour to try to get a more in-depth exploration going from time to time. I will try to keep this updated fairly often, but if you are interested in what I am doing in the day-to-day I do have a Twitter and LinkedIn account which you can follow.

Recent Blog Posts

PhD Diary – March 2022

The past couple of months have been particularly busy and with what I have coming up over the summer, this only seems to be a taster of what is to come. Because of this, I saw this as…

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PhD Blog – January 2022

First things first, let us get the obvious out of the way. I did not post a blog article for December 2021 which would have been written in early January. In all honesty, January was a bit of…

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